I got a basket full of lemons and they all taste the same
a window and a pigeon with a broken wing;
You can spend your whole life working for something
just to have it taken away...
But love will come set me free,
love will come set me free
I do believe!
Love will come set me free,
I know it will.

July 12, 2009

Summer Soundtrack. Jam Edition.

These are the songs/artists I have been jamming to all summer.
If you trust me and listen, your ears will thank you.

1. Andrew Bird-Check out "Fake Palindromes" and "Fitz and Dizzyspells"

2. Emily Wells- Her whole "Symphonies: Dreams, Memories and Parties" is absolutely fantastic. I haven't stopped listening to her in like, a week. But if I had to pick a favorite, I would have to say its Symphony 6: Fair thee well & the Requiem Mix. Check it, yo.

3. Kate Nash. It is surprising to me how many people have not listened to her because she has been around for awhile...but you should listen to "Pumpkin Soup" or "Mouthwash" for a more upbeat feeling...and "Merry Happy" or "The Nicest Thing" to keep it mellow.

4. "Mr. Pitiful" off of Matt Costa's newest album (in like 2008) "Unfamiliar Faces" is a nice song. Ironically...

5. I really have enjoyed listening to Elbow (a British import) they have some nice summer jams...I like "One Day Like This" for a pump-up song. I listen to it in the morning while getting ready...puts me in the mood. The mood to dominate that is.

6. This might be a little lame to all the music snobs reading this, but I have been pleasantly surprised with some of the American Idol alums current hits: "Come Back to Me" by David Cook. "No Surprise" by Daughtry. And yes, even "Battlefield" by Jordin Sparks. These are nice driving in the car with no one to judge your taste in music are most American Idol songs (read: Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood...)

7. Is it bad that one of my most played songs on my iTunes is "On a Boat" by The Lonely Island? Because it is.

8. Of course I am listening to Pete Yorn...but when do I not? If your a newbie to his music listen to "Social Development Dance" and "Paradise Cove" for what I think is a pretty accurate taste.

9. I was a skeptic at first, but I really have grown to love this great artist names Peter Bradley Adams. Listen to his whole album "Leavetaking" during a study session, night drive, or any time you want to relax. He is incredible. He is my

10. And lastly, and this won't be a surpirse to many...but I would have to say that my favorite summer album would have to be "Far" by Regina Spektor. I am not even going to list my favorite track because I love them all and would be doing injustice to the whole album by only listing a few. So buy it. Love it.

Your welcome.