I got a basket full of lemons and they all taste the same
a window and a pigeon with a broken wing;
You can spend your whole life working for something
just to have it taken away...
But love will come set me free,
love will come set me free
I do believe!
Love will come set me free,
I know it will.

December 20, 2009


So here are some embarrassing/normal things I thought of today:

1. In my opinion, tt is NEVER fun to be the third wheel. You know, you have those friends that are like "Oh, it's OK...we are totally cool, it's not like you'll be the third wheel with us!!!"

But you are. Britney is not the only one who can count to three (1-2-3, if you needed
proof.) and I know when two or more (see: three) are gathered, the Lord is not so
much there as the awkward monster/turtle/whatever animal you so choose.

**and this is in no way to bash the couples who I hang out with. I love you and your relationships. I just don't associate fun and being the only person there without someone to grab onto in times of need, make-googly eyes at, etc.

2. Me and my friends were thinking last night if the most annoying thing in the world were to take place 24-7 what that would be, and here is what we came up with:
1. Car alarms ALWAYS going on (and the super tone
changing annoying ones at that).
2. People constantly talking in their baby/puppy voices
3. You are always the third wheel (this was mine, haha)
I am sure there was more, but I cannot remember them at the moment. I had to make a list in this was screaming for it.

3. Today I got a random call from my parents inviting me to a lunch with some friends I haven't seen in a very long time. This was excellent and I was so happy and surprised to see them. I love reconnecting with old friends--in fact, most of the goals I made for myself this break were to hang out with old friends. I have been doing well for the most great.

4. Today was a reminder that no matter how weird my "love-life" (if you can call it that, ha) is...there is always someone with a weirder more unfortunate one. Note to self: EHarmony as a LAST result!!!

5. I was brought to tears today hearing stories of people coming to Christ at our Christmas services at church. Although it may seem overemotional...I just cannot help but weep our of joy for the people who have been brought out of darkness into the light through the message of Christmas...and I think in all honesty we often (I included) soften the sheer power that the moment a person accepts the Lord into their hearts. I pray God awakens me and sets my heart in tunes with these moments so I can pray people towards them, and rejoice with them during this season!

Those were some weird/normal things on my mind. Something for everyone. Now off to service 4 and 5 (out of 10) at church...wish me luck. Also, sanity...