I got a basket full of lemons and they all taste the same
a window and a pigeon with a broken wing;
You can spend your whole life working for something
just to have it taken away...
But love will come set me free,
love will come set me free
I do believe!
Love will come set me free,
I know it will.

March 26, 2010

You have my attention

Tonight I got to go to a Copeland show at The Glass House.

A) of all...I got to go with a friend that I haven't gotten to hang out with in a long time, so it was super good.

B) I stinking love the Glass House. Every show I have seen there is great. Pomona sucks, but that place is awesome.

C) Even though it was a bittersweet night (it is their farewell tour)...I was stoked to be able to see them before they broke up! They have been a band that has really been the soundtrack in a sense to my high school/college years, and I feel like I have literally grown up listening to them. Aaron is an amazing lyricist and somehow all of his lyrics seem to catch me right when I need them.

This was a WONDERFUL show, and the energy was unbeatable. I kept shouting "One more song!" and I meant it...but I am glad that Copeland ended on a high note (and literally a high note...Aaron sung this RIDICULOUS note on You Have My Attention) and I am so stoked to have been a part of it!

Setlist for the night:
I'll Take Of You
Careful Now
I'm A Sucker For A Kind Word
The Grey Man
Chin Up
Control Freak
On The Safest Ledge
The Day I Lost My Voice (The Suitcase Song)
Pin Your Wings
No One Really Wins
Paula Sparks

Brightest (just Aaron)
You Have My Attention